Dr Atsushi Tarui

Dr Atsushi Tarui comes from Japan, and studied for a Master degree of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Setsunan from 2004-2005. After working in the same university as a research associate, he was awarded a PhD under the supervisor of Prof. Akira Ando in 2011. He is interested in the reactivities of halodifluoroacetate such as the imino-Reformatsky and cross-coupling reactions. In 2017, he promoted to lecturer at Setsunan University.

In Sep 2022, he joined to the O’Hagan group as an academic visitor at the University of St Andrews, conducting research exploring the synthesis of fluorinated compounds containing novel trifluoro tert-butyl group.

Outside of chemistry, Atsushi has been interested in travel and sightseeing, he  also enjoys drinking Scottish ale.