Dr Phillip Lowe

Dr Phillip Lowe studied for an MChem degree at the University of Manchester from 2006–2010. He then continued his postgraduate research at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology under the supervision of Prof. Jason Micklefield. His research concerned the development of RNA-based gene expression tools and led to the discovery of two new mutant riboswitch-ligand pairings, capable of dynamic control of reporter gene expression. In January 2015 he was awarded a PhD in Biological Chemistry for his thesis on 'Reengineering Riboswitches as Novel Gene Expression Tools'.

In March 2015 he began work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the O'Hagan group at the University of St Andrews, conducting research exploring the substrate scope of the fluorinase enzyme in an effort to develop new tracers for positron emission tomography. His work is supported by the EPSRC.

Outside of the lab, Phillip has a keen interest in football and rugby. He also has a passion for the home brewing of ale and cider, enjoying particularly the experimental and craft elements, as well as the sociable aspect of the pastime.

My Publications

4’-Fluoro-nucleosides and nucleotides: From nucleocidin to an emerging class of therapeutics
Phillip T. Lowe and David O’Hagan

Chem Soc. Rev., 2023, 252, 248-276

Oligomerization engineering of the fluorinase enzyme leads to an active trimer that supports synthesis of fluorometabolites in vitro
Tiia Kittilä, Patricia Calero, Folmer Fredslund, Phillip T. Lowe, David Tezé, Manuel Nieto-Domínguez, David O’Hagan, Pablo I. Nikel, Ditte H. Welner

Microb Biotechnol., 2022, Online ahead of print

A fluoride-responsive genetic circuit enables in vivo biofluorination in engineered Pseudomonas putida
Patricia Calero, Daniel C. Volke, Phillip T. Lowe, Charlotte H. Gotfredsen, David O’Hagan and Pablo I. Nikel

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An engineered E. coli strain for direct in vivo fluorination
Konstantinos Markakis, Phillip T. Lowe, Liam Davison-Gates, David O’Hagan, Susan J.Rosser and Alistair Elfick

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A role for fluorine in flavours, fragrances and pheromones
Phillip T. Lowe and David O’Hagan
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Xuan Feng, Davide Bello, Phillip T. Lowe, Joshua Clark and David O'Hagan

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An enzymatic Finkelstein reaction: fluorinase catalyses direct halogen exchange.
Phillip T. Lowe, Stephen L. Cobb and David O’Hagan

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Enzymatic radiosynthesis of a 18F-Glu-Ureido-Lys ligand for the prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA).
Phillip T. Lowe, Sergio Dall’Angelo, Ian N. Fleming, Monica Piras, Matteo Zanda and David O’Hagan

Org. Biomol. Chem., 2019, 17, 1480-1486.

Enzymatic fluorination of biotin and tetrazine conjugates for pretargeting approaches to PET imaging.
Phillip T. Lowe, Sergio Dall’Angelo, Andrew Devine, Matteo Zanda and David O’Hagan

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A novel class of fluorinated A2A adenosine receptor agonist with application to last step enzymatic [18F]fluorination for PET imaging.
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ChemBioChem., 2017, 18, 2156–2164.