Research Themes

Synthesis and properties of
C–F in organic chemistry

Stereoelectronic effects

Conformational effects

Stereoselective synthesis of C–F bonds

Our research has a strong focus on organo-fluorine chemistry, and particularly organo-fluorine chemistry focused on bioorganic and chemical biology research. We are interested in the influence of the fluorine atom on the conformation and behaviour of biomolecules.

This program benefits significantly from small molecule X-ray crystallography with Prof. Alexandra Slawin at St Andrews.

Multivicinal Fluorine Motifs

 Effect of multiple fluorines on aliphatic chains and rings

     Liquid Crystal applications

We have a strong interest in synthetic organic chemistry and we are focussing on the synthesis of new motifs in organofluorine chemistry which can be used in a variety of performance molecules.

Fluorine in Biology

Fluorometabolite biosynthesis and enzymology

18F PET Chemistry

We also have a strong interest in enzymatic fluorination (the fluorinase) and how that can be applied to biotechnological solutions, through molecular biology, towards the production of organisms that can produce organofluorine compounds by fermentation (eg. antibiotics)